Passengers (2016)

Passengers is a 2016 yank fantasy journey film. It stars Chris Pratt associate degreed Jennifer Lawrence as two people that come to life ninety years early on from an elicited hibernation on board a starship sure for a new planet.

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It’s lonely go in house, Elton John was ready to observe as so much back as 1972. Jim Preston, the character vieby Chris Pratt in “Passengers,” learns this truth during a arduous method. Jim is during a hibernation pod on the starship Avalon, headed from Earth to a colony planet referred to as Homestead II, once the ship (which sounds like a hybrid of some of crafts from “2001: an area Odyssey” embraced by a helix) goes through a atmospheric phenomenon.

This jars the craft, and causes his hibernation pod to open. a bit whereas once rousing, and enjoying the amenities of the enormous ship—it carries five,000 passengers to assist colonize the new world, and is absolutely equipped for a four-month amount throughout that the sleepers area unit responsive to get acclimated to their soon-to-be-home—he realizes one thing terrible went on. He was woke up once solely thirty years in house, and therefore the Avalon won’t get to Homestead II for one more eighty nine years.

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The ballistic capsule Avalon is on a voyage transporting over 5000 colonists to Homestead II, a planet thus far from Earth the journey takes one hundred twenty years. The colonists area unit placed into hibernation pods for the journey, however a malfunction caused by a crash with associate degree asteroid wakes up a traveler, engineer Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), ninety years early.
88 years later, the ship’s passengers and crew awaken before the ship’s arrival on Homestead II and see vegetation growing everywhere the ship. The crew then notice Aurora’s completed book, and it’s disclosed that she selected to remain awake with Jim and end writing her story.

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Directed by
  • Morten Tyldum
Produced by
  • Neal H. Moritz
  • Stephen Hamel
  • Michael Maher
  • Ori Marmur

Star cast:-

  • Chris Pratt as Jim Preston, a mechanical engineer
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane, a journalist
  • Michael Sheen as Arthur, a robot bartender
  • Laurence Fishburne as Chief Gus Mancuso
  • Andy García as Captain Norris
  • Aurora Perrineau as Celeste    Image result for passengers movie 2016

Unknown facts:-

1] Brian Kirk was originally scheduled to make his feature directorial debut with the film with Reeves at the lead  and Wayfare Entertainment financing and producing the film.

2] On December 5, 2014, it was announced that Sony Pictures Entertainment had won the auction to take the rights to the film.

3] Jennifer Lawrence was paid $20 million against 30 percent of the profit after the movie breaks even and Pratt was paid $12 million.

4] Shooting occasionally took place for full days with a bulk of the shooting done around the two leads only.

5] Jennifer Lawrence got herself really drunk for a sex scene – her first ever – which she said was “bizarre” and “awkward” and was followed by anxiety and guilt.

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The film was released in the United States on December 21, 2016, by Columbia Pictures


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